The main objective of microwave absorbers is to solve problems related to the isolation and absorption of electromagnetic emissions such as cavity resonances in order to preserve the proper functioning of your equipment.

Our range of microwave absorbers will allow you to benefit from the best passive components for your technologies. Easily integrated thanks to a tailor-made design and the adhesive option, our absorbers will protect your electronic equipment in the K, Ku and Ka frequency bands, in addition to the L, S, C and X bands.

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Formulated in-house by our R&D laboratory Getelec Lab, our range of ESA-standard microwave absorbers will ensure optimum performance of your electrical equipment. With an absorption capacity of more than 20 dB of incidence and a temperature resistance ranging from -160°C to +200°C, our microwave absorbers are compatible with the new generation of electronic equipment.

Our GT602 range of microwave absorbers have narrow-band performance but also high power-density performance (>1 W/cm2) allowing them to be positioned on high-power antennas or equipment. Thanks to its low outgassing properties, our GT602 range is suitable for space applications.

Our GT502 products are high-frequency absorbing materials developed by our laboratory. An Epoxy- or polyurethane-based compound with small-diameter carbonyl iron spheres dispersed in a suitable resin, the homogeneity of the mixture is ensured by a complex system developed by Getelec.

Our microwave absorbing foams are developed from closed-cell carbon-filled silicone foam or dielectrically-filled cross-linked polyurethane foam.

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Shaping available:

Our range consists of various specific absorbers such as rigid, flexible or foam microwave absorbers, in order to respond to all your problems of electromagnetic disturbance and to guarantee you optimal EMC shielding. Our know-how allows us to offer you these products in the form of sheets and absorbents moulded or die-cut according to your plans.

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Application areas:

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Electromagnetic wave interference is a common problem in many sectors of activity. This is why we have developed a wide range of microwave absorbers capable of meeting all your most standardised multi-sectoral requirements such as:

Technical characteristics of our range of microwave absorbers:

Getelec reference Frequency range (Ghz) Technical data
GT602 Range 1Ghz to 40 Ghz
GT501 2 Ghz to 12 Ghz
GT501PU 4 Ghz
GT502 0.5 GHz to 18 Ghz
GT702 EX 1 Ghz to 18 Ghz
GT 802 EX 1 Ghz to 18 Ghz
Getelec reference : GT602 Range
Frequency range (Ghz) : 1Ghz to 40 Ghz
Getelec reference : GT501
Frequency range (Ghz) : 2 Ghz to 12 Ghz
Getelec reference : GT501PU
Frequency range (Ghz) : 4 Ghz
Getelec reference : GT502
Frequency range (Ghz) : 0.5 GHz to 18 Ghz
Getelec reference : GT702 EX
Frequency range (Ghz) : 1 Ghz to 18 Ghz
Getelec reference : GT 802 EX
Frequency range (Ghz) : 1 Ghz to 18 Ghz