Conductive corrosion-resistant silicone gaskets


GETELEC offers and effective solution to the problems of corrosion encountered with the use of conductive seals, when they are in contact with different
electrolytes such as salt fog or acid. These gaskets are water and pressure resistant.
Seals for these applications are bi-material, as they are made of a conductive silicone and an insulating silicone bonded together by co-extrusion into one seal.
And in fact, by separating the microwave shielding and environmental sealing functions, the seal gains considerably in resistance to extreme environments, in which single component conductive seals would have much shorter lifespans.
In this way, bi-material gaskets provide you with microwave shielding and environmental sealing in just one groove, or in other words, gains as regards
congestion in your equipment and also regarding the machining of your part.
Our control of silicone mixes enables us to offer our customers a wide choice in terms of electromagnetic performance, hardness and hydrocarbon resistance etc.
These materials are available as extruded seals, moulded seals or cut lengths.
This method is also available as equipment housing covers by direct vulcanisation in our facility.