GETELEC formulates its own conductive materials and uses its expertise to transform them, thus enabling us to provide our clients with bespoke solutions.

We use specific silicone grades as the basis of our formulations to which we add conductive loads so that they have electromagnetic shielding properties.

The load used depends on the electromagnetic performance desired and the environment your equipment is working in.

The conductive particles (10 to 40 micron) forming the load (between 60% and 80% of the load) of our conductive formulations can be varied in order to achieve the right formulation for each application and environment.

In this way, electromagnetic performance and attenuation levels vary depending on the conductive material load, permitting us to adjust material costs to suit your application.

All our formulations meet MIL G 83528 standard and guarantee to comply with your customer specifications.

The 3 main objectives of our formulations:

– Electrical continuity performance
– Mechanical performance (residual deformation, elongation at break etc.)
– Resistance to extreme temperatures

Our laboratory and research centre support clients from selection of material through to the choice of transformation procedure.

Our in-house control of the different processes means we are able to create a bespoke solution for your  environment.




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