Our EMC/EMI expertise at the service of your projects

For over 40 years, GETELEC has been developing its own formulations of conductive silicones to meet the requirements of French, European and American standards. Our engineering teams, with all their expertise in EMC/EMI solutions, are there to guide you and advise you through every stage of your project, from the definition phase through to realisation.

Mastery of shapes: unique know-how

With their extensive production tools, our experts guide you from choosing the right material through to the design of your finished products. We advise you on the best specifications in terms not only of  hardness and crushability but also of volume resistivity, additional treatments and elasticity so that there is a perfect fit between our finished products and your manufacturing objectives.

GETELEC standard and quality: the dual requirement

GETELEC has set up a quality system ensuring the precision and reliability of your seals based on the three criteria of materials, production and dimensions.

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