The miniaturisation of electronic components has made the electrical conduction and insulation of equipment more complex. That’s why we have developed a new range of custom-made, ready-to-use thermal mats.

Our range of thermal gap pad includes highly conductive products ideal for applications requiring high thermal conductivity. The specific formulations developed by our laboratory give these silicone elastomers exceptional thermal conductivity.

Thanks to their great flexibility and ease of installation, they adapt to the surface irregularities between the power component and the cooler, thus promoting heat dissipation and protecting your equipment.

The thermal conductivity of our GTG range of thermal mats has been measured using the Modified Transient Plane Source (MTPS) technique used to characterise the thermal conductivity and effusivity of materials according to standard ASTM D 7984.

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GTG range : Our range of GTG thermal pads comprises about thirty references ranging from 1 W/m.K to 8.5 W/m.K. Entirely formulated and produced by our R&D laboratory Getelec Lab, our GTG thermal gap pad allow you to benefit from flexible products that will ensure that all surface asperities are taken into account when they are compressed and will thus ensure the optimal functioning of your equipment at both low and high temperatures.

GTC range : Our new range of GTC thermal gap pad has been developed from a specific polymer base perfectly suited to applications requiring no release of silicone-based products (siloxane type). Our GTC have performances equivalent to our GTG thermal range.

GTD range: Available in cartridges from 180 to 900 cc, our GTD are ready to be deposited. Easy to apply thanks to a unique formulation, our removable heat sinks have been developed to facilitate the filling of all complex geometries while reducing thermal resistance phenomena due to their low viscosity at the time of removal.

GTS range: Thanks to their low degassing rate, our GTS thermal gap pads have been developed to meet specific applications such as aeronautics or space.

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Shaping available:

All our thermal mats are available as sheets, compression moulding, injection moulding or die-cut.

Our know-how and our support policy also includes taking into account your constraints and tolerances, which is why all of our solutions can be made to measure according to your plans.

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Application areas

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Our thermal gap pad have been developed to meet all your multi-sectoral requirements. The compliance of our mixtures with different standards allows you to cover all your sectors with the most stringent requirements such as:

  • Defence
  • Aeronautics
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Energy
  • Telecommunications
  • Medical
  • Industrial electronics
  • Transport

Technical characteristics of our thermal gap filler pads:

Getelec reference Thermal conductivity Available hardness Technical data
GTG range 1 W/m.K to 8.5W/m.K 50 to 85 Shore 00
Getelec reference : GTG range
Thermal conductivity : 1 W/m.K to 8.5W/m.K
Available hardness : 50 to 85 Shore 00

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Recently developed by our innovation department, our latest GTD thermally conductive materials will change your vision of ready-to-use thermal materials.


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