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Recently developed by our innovation department, our latest GTD thermally conductive materials will change your vision of ready-to-use thermal materials.

When know-how is combined with accessibility

Available in 180cc to 900cc cartridges, our GTDs are ready to be deposit. Easy to apply thanks to a unique formulation, our removable thermally conductive materials have been developed to facilitate the filling of all complex geometries and reduce thermal resistance phenomena due to their low viscosity at the time of application.

Their specific packaging allows them to benefit from a year of storage before deposit.

The maintenance of their heat dissipation properties over a wide temperature range (-40°C to 150°C) and their non-corrosive character in contact with metal make these products an ideal choice for embedded electronics such as high performance processors, standard dc/dc power converters or dc/ac inverters.

Technical data sheets

GTD 3-70 Download
GTD 5-60 Download
GTD 3-70
GTD 5-60