Metal shielding products are used to solve problems of electromagnetic interference within equipment.

In addition to our metal shielding products, Getelec offers additional products such as filled paint or glue to complete your project. These are used to provide shielding against electromagnetic interference (EMI-RFI) in plastic housings for electronic circuits such as computers.

It is an economical solution suitable for all sectors of activity without severe chemical and environmental constraints.

Discover our range of metal EMC shielding products:

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In order to provide the best possible response to your various problems, we have developed a varied range of products consisting of metal spirals, braids available with or without an elastomer core, metallized EMC fabrics and films, shielding covers, ventilation panels, and EMC shielded windows.

Our ancillary product range consists of conductive silver- or nickel-filled epoxy adhesives recommended for circuit repair or coating applications where conductivity is not critical. We also have filled paints, MS composite seals and PICSEAL sheets for all applications requiring resistance to hydraulic fluids in which metal wires are oriented to ensure the electrical connection between the two sides.

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Shaping available:

All our products are available in standard or customised formats depending on the complexity of your needs.

Our technical engineers are at your disposal to assist you in your project.


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Application areas:

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Our metal shielding products are a cost-effective solution to all your electromagnetic shielding applications and problems, and are particularly suitable for the following industries:

Technical characteristics of our metal shielding solutions:

Getelec reference Technical data
GTS spiral seals
Ventilation panels
Metal braids with elastomer core
MCT composite-material braids
OPTIC shielded window
Metallized film - FMT15
Silver epoxy glue 12097
Nickel epoxy glue GT4120
GT4015 paint
GT4091 paint
MS composite seals
PICSEAL - Silicone with metallic thread
Getelec reference : GTS spiral seals
Getelec reference : Ventilation panels
Getelec reference : Metal braids with elastomer core
Getelec reference : MCT composite-material braids
Getelec reference : GTMC 21
Getelec reference : GT60000
Getelec reference : OPTIC shielded window
Getelec reference : Metallized film - FMT15
Getelec reference : Silver epoxy glue 12097
Getelec reference : Nickel epoxy glue GT4120
Getelec reference : GT4015 paint
Getelec reference : GT4091 paint
Getelec reference : MS composite seals
Getelec reference : PICSEAL - Silicone with metallic thread