Discover our analytical research laboratory specializing in characterization of composite materials.

For 50 years, Getelec has operated in high-tech, multisectoral markets, meeting the most complex of specifications. Your satisfaction and innovation are key to our general policy, as reflected in our strict quality policy and a commitment to meeting your requirements, offering you the best services and solutions available on the market to ensure that your projects become technological success stories.

We provide you with all the benefit of our research and development center, along with our expertise and know-how to offer you turn-key solutions for your innovations.

We offer a comprehensive characterization and deformulation service

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We offer a comprehensive characterization and deformulation service to support you in your innovation projects and in the development of polymer, thermoplastic and thermosetting products.

With our state-of-the-art equipment and SEM-EDS scanning electron microscope, our materials expert doctor can guide you in your research and problem-solving processes, providing you with a detailed research report.

Getelec offers you a pool of latest-generation equipment, combined with excellent availability and the personalized support of our team.

From characterization, material deformulation, and comparative chemical analysis through to research and development; our facility is able to fulfill all your requests.


Consult our dedicated page : Getelec – LAB 

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