Thermal Interface Materials

The GTG range includes highly conductive thermal pad ideal for applications requiring high thermal conductivity. Its specific formulations developed by our laboratory, as well as its loads, give these silicone elastomers and exceptional thermal conductivity.

Thanks to their great flexibility and ease of installation, they follow the surface ireegularities between the power component and the cooler as soon as they are assembled which helps to dissipate heat and protect your equipment. 


The thermal conduction power of our GTG range has been measured using the «Modified Transcient Plane Source» (MTPS) technique used to characterize the thermal conductivity and effusivity of materials according to ASTM D 7984.

This technique consists in using a unilateral interfacial thermal reflectance sensor that applies a constant heat source to the sample. The instantaneous measurement of thermal conduction ensures a detailed overview of the heat transfer properties of our samples.

Where effusivity = √(KPCp)

Where :
K = Thermal conductivity (W/m.K)
P = Density (Kg/m3)
Cp= Heat capacity (J/kg.K)

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