More than a thermal gap pad. A GTG 10 w/m.K

With our new GTG 10-50, unlock a new level of requirements in terms of thermal conductivity.

Cutting-edge development

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Thanks to its unique formulation, developed by our R&D laboratory, our GTG 10-50 benefits from innovative technology adapted to all equipment.

Unrivalled stability
Its specific formulation guarantees the absence of exudation and optimal functioning of your equipment.

Fearsome performance
Thanks to its very high conductivity (10W.m.K), 50Sh hardness and bespoke development, GTG 10-50 offers unrivalled conductivity and absorption of surface asperities.

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Innovation at the heart of your equipment

Thanks to tailor-made development and its multiple available formats, the GTG10-50 becomes a real ally for your equipment and will guarantee the longevity of your equipment.

Technical data sheet

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GTG 10-50