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Leader in advanced elastomers

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The SME, created in 1968, has patiently built up its expertise and technical reputation, to the point of convincing the major clients. It has a high-tech production department in Buc, in the Yvelines, and relies on substantial R&D resources to support its customers and regularly create new formulations for EMC shielding. Its very wide range of products complies with the most demanding standards (MIL, ESA, ISO9001/EN9001, etc.) and responds to the problems of electromagnetic interference encountered by customers in aeronautics, space, the military, or even the medical and telecommunications.

The company generates nearly 25% of its sales from exports and has an extensive network of resellers on 4 continents.

GETELEC: Expert in EMC solutions and technical sealing

The Yvelines SME has solid industrial know-how and significant materials testing/characterization resources, capable of meeting the most demanding needs.

Electromagnetic disturbances and component protection are key issues, in order to make on-board equipment more reliable in constrained environments. “We are particularly recognized for EMC shielding and microwaves absorbers, or even heat dissipation,” recalls Olivier Dusailly, Commrcial and Marketing manager of Getelec.

Historical customers in the Defense sector are no longer the only ones to benefit from the strong expertise of the SME, which employs 48 people.

Mastery production

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Aeronautics is an important market, accounting for 25% of Getelec’s turnover (€8 million). The SME supplies the largest aircraft manufacturers and numerous equipment manufacturers, for business class and 1st class seats, for example.

The range of qualified aeronautical products – which can be found in the cockpits, the interior cabin and the engine – is one of the flagship products of the very wide range of references offered by the SME.

Getelec relies on a successful mastery of all production, from tools to compression molds, from injection to vulcanization. Its factory 4.0 guarantees a very high level of performance, compliance and productivity

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New innovative products

Getelec support goes beyond simply responding to customer specifications, in order to offer bespoke solutions. The SME invests 15% of its turnover in innovation each year. Its design engineers use advanced tools and its R&D laboratory can offer tests (resistance to fire, temperature, outgassing standards) and define new product formulations.

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