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FLEX - Electrical conductivity reinvented

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Developed by our Getelc Lab R&D laboratory, our new range of FLEX conductive elastomers combines exceptional electrical conductivity with unprecedented flexibility to offer you innovative and efficient solutions adapted to your needs.

This true innovation, from the Getelec Lab R&D laboratory, presents very promising performances in compliance with current military and aerospace standards.

By using the formulation of its two flagship products, the GT1000 and the GT5000 (widely adopted by customers
in the defense, aeronautics and space sectors), Getelec presented the GT1000 FLEX and the GT5000 FLEX for launch its new range, which will subsequently be available for its entire range of conductive products.

When versatility combines with performance

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The FLEX range intends to distinguish itself on the one hand, by more powerful shielding properties, unprecedented flexibility but also by responding to multiple constraints and challenges of today, in particular that of reducing the weight of equipment.

With their advanced formulation, the products in the FLEX range have excellent electrical conductivity and
benefit from slightly better shielding performance than their more rigid equivalent. This is particularly the case of
GT 5000 FLEX, which displays a shielding performance of 106.77 dB at 10 GHz, or 20.28 dB more than its equivalent
non-flexible, the GT 5000. With the FLEX range, you benefit from unrivaled quality and reliability for your EMC electromagnetic shielding needs.

Thanks to their great flexibility and their very low density (2.67 g/cm3 for the GT1000 FLEX and 1.67 g/cm3 for the
GT5000 FLEX) this new range allows us to rethink the engineering of equipment by promoting lightness, while
offering mechanical properties never before achieved for these products.

An effective solution to lighten equipment without compromising its performance.

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More flexible, more efficient. Quite simply.

Getelec material reference elastomer Conductive filler Technical sheet
GT1000 FLEX Silicone Silver-plated copper PDF sheet
GT5000 FLEX Silicone Silver-plated aluminum PDF sheet
Getelec material reference : GT1000 FLEX
elastomer : Silicone
Conductive filler : Silver-plated copper
Getelec material reference : GT5000 FLEX
elastomer : Silicone
Conductive filler : Silver-plated aluminum