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Our GT5000 EX SP is the result of several years of research by our innovation department.

Its mechanical properties place our new product at the heart of a major change to fully meet your requirements and your severe environmental constraints

Require performance & longevity

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Highly conductive, our GT5000 EX SP was developed from a silver aluminum filled expansed conductive silicone. Its low density and its great flexibility guarantee perfect compatibility with all your components and optimal electromagnetic protection for your equipment.

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Why choose our GT 5000 EX SP?

Thanks to its spatial qualification according to the ESA-ECSS-Q-ST-70-02C TML, RML (< 1%) and CVCM (<1%) standard, the GT5000 EX SP offers you a more efficient and innovative alternative made in France to obsolescence known to our industries.

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Bespoke solution

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Our production department benefits from the latest equipment capable of producing bespoke and according to complexes specifications.

Our production capacity enables us to respond to all of your requests, ranging from prototypes to mass production.

Our GT5000EX SP is available as molded seals, custom cut, or sheet form.

Download the data sheet of our GT5000 EX SP

Data Sheet - GT5000EX SP Download
Data Sheet - GT5000EX SP

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